I believe I may have spoken toosoon by saying I didn't know what to do with my free time. I figured it out quicker than lightning. This weekend was filled with fun things, and I thought it'd be fun to do a few quick drawlins' to commemorate my last official weekend (one more week of work).

So here goes: Friday night we had some pals over for a mini cookout where we ate delicious sweet corn on the cob and watched the film "Marty":

Saturday morning I remembered I had a yard. (Oh yeah, that big green thing outside that I haven't touched in a year.) So, I weeded till my fingers bled. And now today I have sore leggins...can you say out of shape?

Then on Saturday afternoon we dogsat for some friends who were having an open house. So Vince had a little sleepover party with Abbey and Dudley. I didn't get much sleep, but I think the dogs had a dandy time.

The dogs had such a dandy time, in fact that they all passed out for a little nap while we watched "Igby Goes Down", a very uplifting film about a boy who adores his mother. I kid. I really disliked this movie about a slacker boy who really hates his mother. And the main character is Kieran Culkin, who looks like he's about 14 in the movie so the sex scenes are really disturbing. But, all's well that ends. So there.

And then Sunday I ate all the chips and salsa I could fit. Have I mentioned my never-satisfied love for chips and salsa? I really can't get enough. I crave it all the time. Mmm...I could use some right now.

Lastly, I took my motorcycle out for a spin. Specifically spinning to Ritters to get a raspberry sundae. Yum! (I ride a vintage Honda.)

And yes, I always wear my helmet because I wouldn't be safe without it. I did modify it, though, by adding stick-on bunny ears. I look ridiculous, and I love it.

The End.

I hope yours was peachy as well.