I opened my eyes slightly and read the clock. It was 3:38am. Colin had gotten up to pee. I closed my eyes again and drifted off easily. Then I felt my hand being pulled. "Penelope, wake up."

"No no, it's 3am, it's not time yet." But he insisted. So I did.

I stood up and he handed me my coat. My coat? What's going on here? Is the house on fire? Is he sleepwalking?

I put it on, once again reminding him of the time. But he already knew. He told me to get in the car.

So I did. As I sat there waiting for him to go around to the driver's side I thought: He's sleepwalking and is having a dream where he takes me out in the middle of a field and kills me.

And I just sat there, patiently waiting to die. Hey, if it's my time, it's my time.

As we left the neighborhood I asked one more time. What are we doing? Nothing. Are you sure you're awake? Silence. He just looked over and smiled.

We drove about ten quiet minutes to a small park where it was really dark and I heard the trunk pop. My theory was confirmed. He's going to kill me. But instead of pulling out an axe and a body bag, he pulled out two lawn chairs.

"There's a meteor shower tonight," he said.

I sighed and looked up just in time to catch the first one twirl by. Ooh! And I made my wish.