"Friendly Advice" I woke up this morning feeling really good about the projects I have going on right now. Then I made a mistake. I read some websites that give "friendly" advice to illustrators and writers. And they all mentioned how difficult it is, how frustrating it could be, your chances are so slim, blah blah blah...And I fell for it. Every word I read felt like it was a bee sting in my heart. Ouch. Ouch. Stop it!

Now, I'm not trying to be naive or keep myself locked in some fairy-tale idea of what living your dream could be like. I realize there will be/are bumps and plateaus and challenges...but damn.

Why does everyone focus so much on the negative? And if they are trying to be too positive they sound really new-agey and hokey.

Maybe it's one of those things that when you have an open mind you don't take it the wrong way. Maybe it's there as a benefit to those starting out. I'm sure that if I read the same information on a different day it would affect me completely differently.

I guess you just have to figure out what your current vulnerability level is and know when to shut off "inspiration" or "advice" as you start to feel overwhelmed. Shut off the voices and just do your own thing. Be your own inspiration.

Which is exactly what I'm doing now.