Birthday Weekend

Yay! This weekend is my birthday. Well, specifically, Labor Day is the day. So the whole world has a holiday just for me! (Just let me dream, okay?)

I'm excited because tomorrow I'm having a little cookout with some friends. Then Sunday my ma is coming down to help me get my flower garden in order. You see, she's Miss Greenthumb. I, apparently, didn't get that gene. It's really bad. We literally had to mow our flower garden it's so overgrown. My mother tells me I should be ashamed of myself. (Don't I feel sheepish...)

Ashamed as I may be, I'm really excited for the festivities this weekend. I plan to wear my giant birthday cake hat as much as I can.

Also, stay tuned because I'm working on a little birthday surprise for you, dear readers. A little sumpin sumpin you may like. I hope to be done with it by the end of the day, so keep checking back.

I'm gonna go light all the birthday candles in the house now. Peace.