He's Not the Type of Squirrel You Take Home to Mama.

Meet Vince's arch enemy. The only being that can get under his skin and make him crazy and bonkers...and psycho. Mister Badass Squirrel. It's not just Tom and Jerry foolery, it's much deeper. Much much deeper.

They give each other the stink eye from the windows.

They have game plans and strategies.

They try to take each other out.

No, it's not playtime anymore, my friends. Mister Badass Squirrel (or MBS) keeps big, bumpy green nuts in his cheeks for amo. He takes them out at just the right moment and wings them at Vince's head, barely missing the eyes.

Then he jumps out of the tree behind the wounded creature and takes off for the nearest telephone pole. Zoom. Brave. Undaunted.

MBS races up the telephone pole, Vince close behind, and proceeds to bark back.

It's not pretty or cute, mind you. It's downright disgraceful.

And it's gotta end.

(Do squirrels hybernate?)


By the way there are only 5 bras left. Any takers?