Inner Dialog, Subject: Self-Promotion Penelope: Woh, now that my site is done I need to get the word out so I can get some business. I better start thinking of some fun mailers to send out.

Evil Twin: But wouldn't looking at one more website make you feel ready with inspiration?

P: You know, you may be onto something there.

(an hour goes by)

P: Alright, that is enough. Time to put the pen to the paper.

E: But you don't even have your idea yet.

P: That's what sketching and thinking will help with.

E: Vince needs a walk.

P: No, he's sleeping.

E: You are hungry.

P: I'll just eat something while I work.

E: I just heard the mailman.

P: I didn't.

E: Better check.

P: (after getting the mail) Okay, now, pen to paper.

E: Where's your pen?

P: Right here.

E: Oh. Um...I heard that magazine over there has an interesting article that would help you right now.

P: (grabs the duct tape to tape E's mouth shut) Pipe down.

I'm sure this is the case with every self-employed person: battling the inner procrastinator. By nature, I don't procrastinate all the much (just a smidge). But when it comes to doing self-promotion or something for myself I sure do. How does one go about picking or creating the perfect image to send out to potential employers? How does one narrow it down and design the best piece that won't get immediately thrown in the trash can. When I was at the agency it was really simple: when I got mail, some things I threw away before I even pulled it out of the envelope (yes, I felt guilty about it), and some things got pinned up on my bulletin board or filed away for future reference.

And that's fine and dandy...judging someone else's work.

But not your own. You're too close to it. It's right there with you every day. It comes from you, so therefore it's hard to be objective.

It's like this: I believe that Vince is the best dog in the entire universe. But I know that Kate thinks that Maggie is the best dog. And Evan thinks that Rosie is...See? There's no way to be objective.

So, I guess my game plan is to just do something. Anything. And send it out. And if I get no response, send something else out. And something else after that.

Now...where's that magazine that had that interesting article?