Posts have been short and sweet lately because I am doinga three-day, on-site stint at an agency. It's tiring, too. So I've just been crashing instead of being motivated when I come home. Ah well, it's only for a brief time.

Things I'm excited about right now:

1. The weather is finally a little cooler today and I can wear long comfy sleeves and jeans. C'mon hats!

2. The leaves on the trees have just begun to change. I have noticed some brilliant deep reds and some pumpkin oranges.

3. Cuffs. I'm really into these right now. Superwoman! I really like this rose one (link) even though it's from teenie-boppers-r-us (I heart Delias).

4. Fishing with a line and bobber. Is there anything more relaxing? I like to watch the tiny ripples in the water.

5. My super secret surprise coming up for you. I hope to get it launched this weekend. It's gonna be so fun!

6. Meeting friends for coffee once a week and blowing our noses loudly together.

7. My ma. She's on a new chapter of her life right now and I'm really happy and excited for her. (Love you, ma!)

8. Stamping. I bought a cool star stamp a few years ago and just rediscovered it. It rules! Especially with white ink.

*** By the way, anyone living in Indianapolis should know about the Fountain Square Masterpiece in a Day(link) going on tomorrow. I competed last year and it was a lot of fun to see everyone out on the streets with their paints or their pads and pens...there was even a fashion-designer there last year. Come on down.