Photo Friday Lots of people participate in Photo Friday. And I love to look at the different interpretations of the chosen topic. But does it have to be photos only? I guess so...afterall it is named Photo Friday. But, off the record, I would like to participate too. I'd like the challenge and it's nice to do something for myself...whatever I want. So, it's Illustration Friday for me. Today's topic is speed. Hence, the rocket. (Plus, I'm just really into rockets right now...no one knows.)

The big assignment I spoke of yesterday is coming along nicely. It's especially nice because my deadline was pushed back a day. Thank god. I would have had to work all night long to make it by this morning. Yesterday I painted so much that my arms ached. I called Colin to come get me because I was just a worthless puddle of goo by the end of the day. I'm really grateful for one more day.

Lastly, Toronto Illustrators asked me to participate in their fall gallery (thanks Amy!). I did a little piece representing fall for that. Check it out.