Illustration FridayThis Illustration Friday thing hasn't left my mind yet. Has it left yours? It seemed like something that could be really interesting and fun. I understand that the Photo Friday works by posting a topic up each Friday. But that doesn't really work for illustration, now does it? I think illustration takes a little more time (you know... the paint has to dry or scanning must be done, depending on your own individual style). So, I think we should do our Illustration Friday with a little more notice. Say...post up our topic each Monday and then we have until Friday to complete the illo.

So here's what I propose: I'll post up a topic each Monday, we have all week to illustrate it, and we post them to our sites on Friday. Then, if you participate, you just write your url in my comments box after you post your image. Then we can just check the comments to ooh and ahh over each other's interpretations! (Maybe someday, if there's enough interest, we can have a different format...but you have to start small. Right?)

I don't want to be the only one who comes up with topics though. (That'd get tiring.) So, what if, when you think of a good topic, you email it to me. I'll post them in the order they come in. That way we share that aspect of it, too.

Okay, I know it's nearly the end of the week already, but I asked Colin to come up with the first topic for this Friday. He came up with "Sleep". So there you go. Hope we see some sleep illos this Friday.

Ooh ooh...I'm getting exciting about this. This could be really fun!


I'm over my blue mood. Can you tell?