Grocery ShoppingGrocery shopping is not fun for me. But grocery shopping two hours away is a completely different story. My friend called me on Friday to ask if I wanted to go to Cincinnati to go grocery shopping with him Saturday morning. I laughed and told him to avoid getting any frozen goods. Then I realized he wasn't kidding. I said, "Okay, sure." And off we went.

Jungle Jims, this place is called. It was huge and carnival-esque and off-beat and just plain odd. They had lots of weird things to eat and see. Bumpy fruits I've never heard of. A zillion flavors of tea. So many salsas I ran screaming from the aisle. You name it.

There were large, moving displays of Robin Hood and certain cereal characters (I'm never eating Lucky Charms again). There was a tram. There were screeching monkeys splashing in waterfalls and 400 pound tomatoes on poles. There were little rooms marked with different nationalities to go into and sniff. (I liked France and Holland quite a bit.) It was unreal.

I found a little scrap of paper and it looked like the perfect size for a little list...

(Colin actually bought the 1 pound tin of celery flakes...um...what the hell do you do with celery flakes?)


It was awesome to see everyone's doodles for Illustration Friday! The next topic, chosen by Julie (thank you!) is "Smelly".

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