One of my sisters came down on Thursday and spent twodays with me. It was amazing fun. We shopped and gabbed and ate and told stories. I got to hear about what she is studying and her take on the things she is learning. She heard about the business of illustration and what my day is like. Before this, she assumed I colored all day. (hee...that's sort of true). Friday took us to an antique store where we walked around and admired decorative china tea sets and antique porcelain dolls. We both got a new brooch (her first). I'm way into brooches. Have been for years. I picked up this red one to add to my little collection.

Then we stumbled upon a beautiful dress. We both fell in love and immediately took it to try on. Normally antique clothing doesn't even come close to fitting. Ladies back there were smaller, I think. And, being 6 feet tall, I usually don't even attempt to try things on. When I do, it's usually for a laugh. But this dress fit...both of us.

We weighed who would wear it more. It became obvious that it was me. (She said she's wear it only once or twice a year.) So, I charitably said she could borrow it for those occasions and whisked it off to the checkout counter.

Here's the prize:

and a detail:


Illustration Friday is going really well! Everyone has such unique takes on the topics. And it's cool to have some new illo blogs to peek at!

The next Illustration Friday topic, chosen by Tammy and ´┐Żlena is "Snazzy". Happy doodling!