How did I get this busy? I guess it just snuck up on me.My to-do list is more than one page! I'm trying not to let it overwhelm me. But sheesh. What I am doing to combat it is run. I recently started working out again and it makes me feel calm. My brain stops thinking about all the stuff I have to do and starts just focusing on what my heart is doing, how my legs are feeling, how my body is moving. I like that. I'm trying not to skip it even if I feel like I can't take an hour away from my work.

Things that are making me happy right now (despite all the negative campaign ads that I'm now seeing because I have bunny ears):

The Pacers. I love the Pacers. Particularly Boomer and the blow-up air-guy Boomer. He makes me laugh so tears come out my eyes.

Orange leaves falling from the trees like giant psychedelic snow flakes.

The garbage truck that goes through my neighborhood that has $EAZY$ spray painted yellow on the front. What does that mean exactly? Are they hiring? Are they bragging? Is that someone's alter ego?

Working on some bigger paintings just for me. (no, that's not part of my to-do list)

A new painting of Mother Mary I did for a catholic friend (to see it go to the here...it's the last icon).

Pumpkin carving. I haven't carved one yet, but I want to this week sometime before Halloween trick or treating.

All the fun costumes I'm getting for the Costume Contest.

My new Pink Converse.

A new tea I'm digging. Yum!

And Illustration Friday. I love it!

Anything to add?