Pathetic Sketch Crawl

On Sunday I had every intention to participate in the Sketch Crawl I'd been hearing about. C wanted to participate as well. (For him it'd be a write crawl... have I ever mentioned he's a writer?) Anyway, yes, back to Sunday. We had every intention of joining in. We'd even named it a little differently for us, seeing as it was a sketch/write crawl. We called it the "Skite Crawl". But then the advent calendar idea hit with a whirlwind force and I got seriously sidetracked with that and we only went out for part of the afternoon. And we only went to one place. (See? I said it was pathetic.) We ended up leaving the first spot and just driving around because the weather was crappy and we couldn't sit outside. But we got some good country driving in...peeked at the backside of a giant billboard, saw 20 basketball posts lined up, noticed straight blackened weeds perking up out of a golden field. It ended up being a nice day even if our mission was lost.

See my drawings above. My. three. drawings. Ah well, next time. Right?


The Advent Calendar has been a great success. You should see all the awesome illos I got for it. Ooh... but you'll have to wait. One per day in December. Sorry I got your hopes worked up. (smile)

All the 25 slots are filled. But I am still open to more illustrations if you want to keep sending. I think I will do another page of illustrations beyond the calendar. So keep on sending them, friends.


This is turning out to be the blog of odds and ends. Here's the last thing I wanted to mention:

Anyone living in the Indianapolis area who gets (or picks up) The Star: Look at the Classified section. You can see all the fat turkeys I was hired to illustrate for a little contest they're running. They're funny.