Being stuck in a car for 13 hours straight doesn't exactly sound like the most enjoyable way to spend the day. But it was really good for my soul. Time to contemplate. Time to talk. Time with no interruptions. It was good. Vince did a good job too. He slept most of the way and I think I spotted him bobbing his head to the music at one point.

The actual time in South Carolina was not nearly long enough. I felt like we arrived just in time to leave. But so it is with short vacations.

I returned, of course, to my to-do list. It was waiting for me, beckoning me when I was dreaming. Why is it that the week before Christmas is always the busiest? Hustle and bustle. Getting things done. There is a lot on my plate right now and I intend to plow through it. One of the non-work related things is getting a present for my dear Colin. I haven't had time to think up anything good and I'm feeling really guilty because of it. Usually I try to come up with a heart-felt, one- of-a-kind gift that only I can give only him. But I don't think that's going to happen this year. Pooh. Time is my best gift. Maybe that will have to do.