Happy New Year

I just can't believe it's over. This year has skipped by like a rabbit in parts and slugged by like a turtle in others. But it's over. What a year it's been.

- I got married to my dearest love on a cold, wet day that warmed my heart like hot chocolate. Was surrounded by every blessed soul I know and love in one room. Wore flipflops under my poofy wedding dress. Ate lots of pie!

- I traveled around Ireland for two weeks. Looked over cliffs. Climbed mountains. Raced around narrow roads in a tiny car. Drank yummy Guiness. Wandered inside cold castles.

- I stayed at my first Bed & Breakfast. Used the smallest shower available to humankind. Ate breakfast cooked by a stranger. Petted dogs who then attacked my feet. Admired beautiful views that nearly broke my heart.

- I quit my regular-paycheck-stable-retirement-funding job in Advertising to start my own business in Illustration. (I now draw for a living! I can't believe it!) Met some awesome new people who came to me as clients and left as friends. Filled out my first Penelope Illustration invoice and learned business. Improved my drawing and learned a new painting technique.

- I started Illustration Fridays. Enjoyed looking at all the different and unique interpretations of topics that are chosen. Met new people in the forum and have new blogs to read regularly. Felt the support and kinship of fellow artists who are on similar paths.

- I was close to 6 couples who had new babies. Was amazed at how tiny newborns are. Fell in love at first site. Watched at how quickly they turn into chubby little infants.

- I had my bubble shattered by rejection. Felt the pang of growing and evolving. Recovered. Came to realizations that I never would have if not for stumbling.

I have a lot to be grateful for, looking back. I try to count my blessings everyday. And I try to be in the moment, really feeling the things that happen, good or bad. And it's not always the easiest. But I think it's the best.

I wish you a very happy new year filled with love and laughter and deep feeling and growth. Happy New Year.