It gets so lonely at times, being self-employed. Alone ina chilly studio. I got so used to yelling over everyone in an over-crowded office to be heard. Used to standing up and walking a few steps to talk to someone. Used to being in meetings where I could voice my opinions.

Vince just doesn't cut it. I talk to him and he just tilts his head like he's trying with all his might to understand me (the little dear). And the cats are completely worthless. I yell and they just open their eyes a teeny bit to make sure I'm not giving them more food.

I try to voice my opinions during Penelope Illustration meetings, and I'm sure the plants appreciate the extra carbon dioxide, but I'm really just turning into that weirdo who talks out loud to herself. I found myself having a conversation with the toaster the other day. I 'woke up' and heard myself saying: A little too dark, I'd say. Wouldn't you agree?

yep. that's me. weird to the O.