This weekend was just bizarre.

- I met a cat named Eric.

- I helped my friend pick out a bath mat for his new apartment. It wouldn't be too weird, except that he's the world's biggest player and it was just surreal that he would let me help him decorate his bachelor pad. Oh, and he bought candles. Ooh-whit, Ooh-whit.

- I tried out a Unity church where there was a huge, gold-foiled Chrysler/mini winged structure oddly hanging on the wall. And they also singled out the newbies asking them to stand up to receive a special rock and hugs from the entire congregation. (I remained seated, pretending I didn't hear that part.)

- I nearly threw my new computer through the window trying to set up a wireless internet connection. (Still no luck...stinking not-easy-to-use computers.)

- I drew a whole lot in one sitting and liked a lot of the drawlings. (I like to say drawlings.)

- I watched a Jennifer Lopez movie and didn't throw things at the screen.