Creativity, Part 2 Sitting here drinking a rootbeer float and thinking about all the great comments you left. Thank you all for responding. Very interesting things you bring up. It seems like a lot of you said that it's kind of both. You have to schedule time for creativity or you'd never do anything, but also you have to be prepared to catch the lightning. I agree with you. It works that way for me, too. I sit down at my studio table and make myself be creative. Some days it works beautifully, and some days it's a flopper. You never know, I guess. But I think it's good to sit down to at least attempt to channel it.

I also always carry a notebook with me so when I'm out running errands or sitting in traffic and the lightning strikes, I'm ready. (Although, today I managed to leave home without a notebook and had two great ideas...I had to call my husband to write them down for me. oops!) And inspiration seems to happen at the strangest moments. Like you'll hear a lyric in a song you've listened to a zillion times and suddenly it says something different to you. Or you happen to see a person with an interesting face and immediately feel the need to record that. At least, that's how it is for me.

Another interesting thing that you brought up was the different times that you are creative. I hear that most people have a productive time. I wonder if that can shift over time. Right now I feel like I'm my most creative around 5 or 6 in the evening and then get a second wind at night. But it used to be mornings. Hmm...When is your creative time? Do you try to set everything aside to take advantage of that time?

I'm also curious about your process. How do you tackle creative assignments? I usually sit down and feel a bit intimidated by the blankness of my paper and start doodling. Really really bad sketches happen. I scratch the worst ones out. And some have glimmers of goodness in them. One of my doodles usually ends up sparking a personal illustration and I do that quickly. I'm not sure why...to loosen up the gears maybe? I'll do a blog illustration or draw a little card for a friend or just draw an idea for a future project. Then I go back to my assignment and it happens much easier. It's like I got all the gook out of the way, and I did something small to remind myself that it's a game. Then the assignment is fun...not so challenging.

What's it like for you?