Oh lovelies,I feel like I must apologize for not being around very much lately. I've been so sick and so busy (not a good combo). I've just been plowing through things lately and trying to finish projects up. Are you still there?...I've missed you.

Good things I'm much much better. Not feeling so groggy. And I can finally hear again (it felt like I had invisible ear muffs on for about two weeks).

I have five new pieces to put in my upcoming show on April 9th. I'm working on making some more. My goal is 8 for the show. If you're in the Indianapolis area you should come see the show in person!

I finally saw a robin! The first one I saw had white spots all over it, like he'd been through some difficult trauma (darn winter...lasting so long this year). I think I actually saw him sigh with relief. :)

I've been working on a very high-profile project for the State Museum. It's been totally consuming my time, but I think it will be really fun when it's all said and done. Here's a very little sneak peek...

And, I think I've finally cracked some kind of code of the mysterious down mood. I think it's Mondays. You know...the weekend is usually filled with things going on and people to talk to and events. Then Monday comes and it's suddenly very quiet in my studio and I'm all alone. So, to battle this I decided that next Monday I will blare music, open the windows (weather permitting) and try to go out to a coffee place to be around people. :) Game plans. I'm all about em.

Oh, and Happy Easter weekend!