Illustration Friday: Travel....and other things

I'm back! I'm relaxed. I've taken some of the beach home with me in my pocket and I'm going to look at it all day long while it rains outside my window, greening everything up. Work it rain.

I came home last night and made a big mistake. I checked my email. A zillion emails waiting, calling for attention. Questions to be answered. Things to attend to. Whew. I got a headache immediately. And then I resolved to tackle it today. While I get ready for my show WHICH IS IN TWO DAYS! AAAHHH! I have so much to do before then. One thing at a time, lope. One thing at a time. I keep chanting that to myself.

Anyway, I got in just in time for this week's Illustration Friday topic of "travel". My little brother Mason went on the trip with me and picked up these paint chips along the way. He likes bright colors obviously. I think he was feeling the tropical weather and the blooming flowers when he picked these out. And one night as I sat with my bare feet and the ceiling fan casting a breeze I started doodling on them. Image after image. None of them took me longer than about 20 seconds. It felt good to just spill it out of my head. Little images on little scraps of color. Sunshine, scuba guy, giraffe legs...I didn't think about them, I just drew. So that is my interpretation of travel. Just a slew of images that come in the form of feelings or wishes from traveling.

Click here to see the bigger picture.

More to come after I'm responsible-lope and attend to things that need attending to. :) Word.