Idealized Self Trick Sometimes when I start a new project I feel overwhelmed by it. It's a huge mountain I must climb and I'm not sure if I can do it. It truthfully scares me. I mean...what if the other times when I have been creative were all just freak coincidences? What if all that juice is gone and I'm nothing but a boring shell now? These thoughts go through my head...And I can finally recognize that it's perfectly natural to have this happen. It's normal. But I still don't like it.


So, I use a trick to try to battle that feeling. I call it my Idealized Self Trick. I picture myself as I would like to be: always brimming with ideas, the creativity just oozing out of my finger tips, coming up with concepts that communicate clearly. Then I ask myself "What would my Idealized Self do in this case?". What kinds of ideas would I have? What concepts would I start playing with, knowing that something will eventually shake out of it. Even if it takes a few tries, it always does.

For some reason, picturing what my Idealized Self would do helps me clear some of the cluttery crap in my head. It sorts out ideas faster. Helps me let go of ideas that are dead ends a little easier (even if they'd make a pretty picture).

Tomorrow I'm starting on a new project. It's very small but I know it's not an easy one. And I've been scared of it. And I'm just going to stop. Because tomorrow morning I will use my Idealized Self Trick and the answer will come to me. I know it will.