My mom came down this weekend to help me with my yard. You see, she is a greenery guru. She can whip the ugliest yards into spa like settings. She turns every place into a sanctuary where you want to be. Just be. And I think on this particular trip she had an ulterior motive. I think when she said she wanted to come help me, she meant with more than just the yard...she wanted to help me let go.

And she did.

Yesterday I was the dirtiest I've ever been. I even had dirt in my ears. (no, I'm not kidding.) I let go of all the stress I've been under lately and just dug in. Hard work. Sweat. A little blood. And it was gone. All my stress and my worries about my life and my career seemed to sink into the grass with the muddy water. It disappeared. I feel healthier. I feel stronger. I feel really really tired. :)

Together we built a place where I can retreat. Two adirondack chairs face a large fountain built from an old fire pit. The sound of the water helps me feel centered. And there are flowers all around (which forces me to twice a day take time out to water).

Mom, if this was your little scheming plan to get me to be less of a workaholic, it worked. Thank you....

* * * note: the above illustration is my impression of running water...and also my submission for this week's Illustration Friday theme: Aquatic.