I've been running around like a mad person. Friday night we went up north for my sister's surprise 16th birthday party. She got cake smashed in her face and hair, and we sang to her at the tops of our lungs. (We tipped our waitress very well for putting up with us). Saturday night was spent entertaining my 11 year old brother who came down for a sleepover. We had a cookout, snuck candy and pop into my purse and went to the movies, lit off fireworks, and went on a motorcycle adventure (picked pricklers out of our pant cuffs for hours).

Sunday we drove to Chicago to see my grandpa for Father's Day. He teased me about my nose-ring (says I look like a bull) and I teased him about watching a belly dancer on TV. (hee!)

And this morning I was frantically preparing for a presentation I have in an hour and a half. I just finished all the print outs and can now breathe a sigh of relief. Whew.

Tea time, I think. :)

p.s. Per your suggestions, I will be opening up the store with prints of the Firefly Woman below as well...Coming VERY VERY soon!