"The Creative Process" an interpretation by penelope dullaghan

"Oh, okay, good. You want me to come up with something for that? Well, swell... Yes, I do this all the time. Just give me a few days and I'll have something brilliant for you."

Back in studio....waiting and letting brain absorb and work without me telling it to...*

Well, I'm not coming up with anything at all. I may die. I think I've used up all my good ideas. There is nothing original about me. All my ideas all suck. Who told me I could draw? Who lets me illustrate for a living? Where did I get off telling them I could give them something brilliant? I think I'll go apply at McDonalds this afternoon.

scribbling sketch after sketch, wadding up paper and throwing it across the room

Nope, I'm done for. I will never be able to do this ever again. I should go take a walk. But that wouldn't be productive. Crap. I'm screwed. I better call them and tell them to find someone else.

sketching some more...see small glimmer of good idea in one of the sketches

false alarm...glimmer was just a fluke accident. shout loudly, scaring the cats...keep sketching and finally take that walk in sheer desperation

Oh, wait...there may be an idea. Let me try that. Yes! There it is. I am feeling better about this. I can do this. I will tear up that Micky-Dee's application now. Add a little more to this side....take off that line...one more color here...

Wah-lah! Finished illustration.