Every September there is the annual Masterpiece in a Day contest. It's where visual artists, writers and musicians have 8 hours to do their thing, creating their masterpiece. At the end of the day all the pieces are judged and the winners get stuff (like money). If you don't win, it's fun just to challenge yourself to create something that quickly.

This year they've added a new thing: An art fair. For $30 you can have a booth set up to sell your arts and crafts. (That's so cheap!) It's usually a big event with tons of people so you'd be getting your stuff in front of quite a crowd.

If you live in Indy or the surrounding area, you should think about it! (I'm looking at you Diong and Indigochickie).

Above is the flyer for it. And if you'd like more info, visit Big Car's site.

(And yes, before you ask, I was put in charge of promoting the visual art side of the event and I did the flyer above...so participate and make me look good! hee!)