This one was inspired by a local diner called Fountain Square Diner. They have the best milk shakes on the planet. And all the waitresses are nice and kind of tired. I wanted to capture that...

I don't want to say much about this one because I think it can be interpretted many ways. I'll leave it at that.

Two more paintings for the series...four more to go for anyone who's counting with me. I'm feeling much better about it because I shut off yesterday. I didn't turn on my computer at all yesterday and I only went into my studio once to retrieve my purse. I really needed to get away. To not think about shows or paintings or the job for one whole day. Whew. Time off is so important! I always forget. It was so nice to reconnect with Colin. To really be together without being distracted.

In other news. I got all my collages done last week and hung them in the gallery Saturday afternoon. Saturday night they all sold (and the official opening isn't until next Friday)! So I think I'll make a few more for next Friday.

* * * Okay, sorry! I should have posted the collages. :) Here they are:

These are just crappy digital photos. But you can at least see the direction....