I've been tagged by Lori to write five idiosyncrasies about myself... So here goes: 1. I hate mayonnaise. Hate it. I can't stand to even be near it.

2. I can hit that high note in the song that goes: "Loving you...is easy cause you're beautiful. Duh-duh-duhn't-duh-duh..." Who's that by? (this is a second part of this idio...I never know the words to songs. I will always make up my own.)

3. I cannot lie. Even small ones. If you ask me if I like your new skirt and I don't, I will tell you that I don't. But I try to be nice about it by saying something good about it...like it's a good length. or "look over there at that thing" and run away.

4. I don't spit out gum. I always swallow it before I know what happened.

5. I can't watch movies that have infidelity or miscommunication as key plot points. For instance: Love Actually. I hated it. I had to leave the room because it got under my skin so much.

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