Fancy yourself a writer, musician, or visual artist? Masterpiece in a Day is coming soon for all you local Indianapolis artists. You can create your masterpiece on September 17th and then hang out for all the festivities. It will be great fun. There will be the competition (friendly, of course), live music from some really cool bands, an art fair, and lots of things to do like crafts, watch other artists, etc.

Am I selling this too hard? Hee. Can you tell I've been put in charge of promotions this year? So, by golly, come on down September 17th and show some support! I'll vote for your piece (if I were a judge...and I'm not...but I'll send you good vibes).

The image above is the poster I did for the event. You should start seeing in around Indy real soon.

And in case you can't read the body copy on the web, I wrote it again below:

On Saturday, September 17, you'll have to bypass the tortured confusion and agonizing self-doubt and get straight to the creative outburst: competition starts at 9 a.m. and you need brilliance by mid-afternoon. It?s free to contestants, and there are categories for writing, drawing and music, not to mention $15,000 in prizes, so get out there, hit the streets of Fountain Square and do your thing. Whatever it is.

Visit Big Car or Discover Fountain Square for more information.