"Thief", 11x14 mixed media on canvas

This morning I delivered all of my paintings (including the one above) to the gallery for the show Friday. Such relief. Last night as I was framing the last of the bunch I stopped and looked around. All my hard work was all around me...all the ideas I've had were staring back at me. And I felt proud. I did it. I really didn't know if I could get it all done. It was stressful and I was panicked at times. But I did it.

I feel like forcing myself to do this much work in this little time made me grow very quickly. Improving. I tried to push myself a little further with each one...seeing it as a challenge. Evaluating how I did it and refining, changing or keeping. What if I pushed my palette...what else could it include? What if I changed perspective? What would happen it I did a little more with the background?

It's kind of like art school. The instructors assign a crap-load of work, and with each new assignment you experiment and push yourself. Your instructor offers advice, but ultimately it's the amount of work that helps you grow.

Gallery walk paintings, here I come.