Maggie May sits on my lap...isn't she adorable?

The winds of Friday night swept Kate and her lovely pup Maggie to my doorstep. It was an interesting evening of purse party attending (whaaa...?), wine drinking, sushi eating, dog watching, and chit chatting. Kate is as lovely as you'd imagine she'd be...clever, beautiful and talented. (I got to see her illustrations in person and hooboy! were they outstanding...I can't even tell you.) I wish we'd had more time to talk...but she's on her way to her new life in Colorado. So it goes.

Saturday was a lazy reading day followed by watching "Me, You and Everyone We Know" at my favorite theater. The movie was really uncomfortable to watch and I can't say that I enjoyed it (in fact, I didn't like it), but after reading reviews and critiques, I find that I don't regret it. It spoke about the problem/hardships of connecting with other people...with difficult subject matter. Not easy to watch, but I think easy to appreciate once you give it a little more thought.

Sunday we saw another movie (big movie weekend...aren't movies good escapes?). This time we saw Saint Ralph. I really enjoyed this one. Cried in the theater twice in fact. (side note: I'm get WAY into movies...back when I was a volunteer sister, I took her to see a comedy. I laughed at a funny scene and apparently it was too loud because she leaned over to tell me: "Penny, you're laughing too loud! It's embarrassing!"... hee.) Anyway, Saint Ralph was uplifting and funny. If it's playing near you, you should go see it! I promise not to sit with you.

Time for some working...