You guys blow me away with your kindness. I was so afraid you'd judge me after I wrote that last post. Afraid of admitting that I was going through something really ugly. But each one of you who commented or emailed me gave me some great food for thought. A little gold nuggets of hope and encouragement. And I cannot tell you how much it means to me to be supported like that. You rock. Thank you. I'm not totally out of the dark yet, but last night I had a little shimmery idea come to me. And idea that is somewhat small, but I when I think about it I get those happy chilly goosebumps down my arm. It feels so good to know there are things still bubbling to the surface, even in the face of major downtime.

I've been working on the things that need to be done (client work-wise). But I'm not pushing right now. Still taking it easy. Running a lot. Reading a lot. Napping. Trying to be kind to myself. (Why is that so hard?)

Anyway, many thank yous to you... I send you each a big virtual thank you hug and swirly mass of embracing okay-ness.