I think I am officially over my slump. (big sigh of relief!) I am feeling alive again. I have ideas flowing. My creativity is bubbling just below the surface, waiting to be tapped. Man...oh....that is such a great feeling. To feel optimistic. To know your next step is going in the right direction.

A few things I need to keep in mind next time this happens:

1. Run a lot. Running hurts. I'm not real good at it and don't really enjoy it. And the physical discomfort makes me forget about everything else.

2. Watch my favorite movie (for the bazillionth time): Great Expectations. Good stuff there. Always makes me feel inspired.

3. Read some books. I read a lot of Anne Lamott books and it really helped. But do not read any business/industry books. Steer clear of those.

4. Allow myself to not work. Don't put pressure on it. It will come back. Just do the client work that needs to be done and nothing else. And, for the love of grapes...DO NOT feel guilty about it.

5. Try to just be. That is really hard. But try. Lay down and just let your mind wander until it comes back.

* * * * * * On a completely different note: What size Tshirts do ya'll wear?