I have always liked writing lists. Keeps my mind in order (or more truthfully...allows my mind to stay somewhat disorganized because I know I have it written down somewhere). One of my favorite lists to write is the Grateful list. Ten things I'm really thankful for at the moment. And even better is when you have to do it as fast as you can (no deep thinking, just appreciating). It makes me stop worrying about the piddly things and focus for just a moment on a bit of happiness. It's a way to be mindful. With that...here I go:

1. My dog Vince, who went on a run with me this morning and didn't stop to pee too much this time.

2. Being surrounded by art supplies...yummy colors everywhere I look.

3. Things hanging from the ceiling (I have lots...sculptures, lights, figures, stars...)

4. A good lunch of stuffed clams, sauteed spinach with grape tomatoes.

5. Getting ideas again...not being able to do them all because there are two many.

6. Movies about surfing.

7. Martha Steward Kids magazine.

8. Having sunshine on my sister's outdoor wedding this past weekend and being able to hang out with my lovely sister-in-law for three days straight.

9. The tree in my front yard with star leaves.

10. Anne Lamott's book "Traveling Mercies".

Your turn!