Where do I start today? First of all, let me say "thank you!" for piping up about the style issue. I will post the painting I was referring to a little later and show you specifically what I was talking about.

Second thing: I was selected as the feature artist on the Barking Phish site. Barking Phish is a "faith based movement with a goal of informing culture through the visual arts". You can read a little about my work and philosophy as well as see some art there. Check it out!

Third thing (and this is really cool!): Barking Phish also asked me to design a tshirt based on the theme "art with a conscience". I chose to do an image of a girl walking through the woods with a lantern (see above). I liked it because it can be taken as faith based or non-faith based...However you want to perceive it. To me it says "Courage". Bravery needed to walk through scary parts... And boy, I need that reminder all the time. Be Brave! They are on sale there for a whopping $14.75!

Fourth thing: There are a bunch of new witches up there for you to look at. Go here! . (cackle, cackle!)