My apron.

I wear an apron when I paint. It's pretty ridiculous looking, but necessary. I tend to get paint everywhere, and I really don't want to think about what I throw on in the morning. So I use the apron.

Over time, I've become somewhat attached to my apron. I have come to look at it as my power suit. It's what I put on when I want to be creative. It seems to put me in the right mindset... "Okay, lope...today we're painting. We're going to get messy and cut loose and let the canvas really have it. And it's going to be wonderful to be productive and creative." And I proceed to spill and stain and drip onto my apron.

But lately I noticed I put it on even when I'm not painting...if I'm just designing something on the computer or thinking about self-promo ideas or brain storming. I grab it and slip it over my head almost without thinking. It just feels better to have it on. It's like a caffeine jolt for my creativity. My apron.

* * * *

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