Losing my Mind

We had Dish Network TV hooked up in our house last week. I haven't had a tv in many many many years...so it was a huge shock to me to rediscover it. For a long time I thought tv was the enemy...draining out creativity and sucking time away from being productive. And I thought it was a waste.

Now I think I was wrong. (At least wrong for me, which is all I can really talk about anyway.) And here's why:

The first night we had the tv, I turned it on and watched some HGTV and forgot about work.

Did you catch that?

I forgot about work. This is a huge thing for me because I am constantly thinking about work and what I have to do and things I need to read and people I need to get back to. (It's really crowded in here...)

And as I was watching someone paint their house green and plant some ferns in their front yard... I let it go. I was in the moment. It was amazing. I flipped the channel and watched a comedy and laughed...again, never thinking about my list.

I still think that some shows are completely senseless. But I can avoid them if I choose to. And hey, maybe you like them and they make you lose your mind (in a good way). I just know that I feel bad for thinking all tv was dumb before. I finally get it.