This weekend went by in a blur. I wish I had one extra day.... I started working on a new painting series for a show opening December 2nd here in Indianapolis (a little sneak peek pictured above). It's a show called "Lunch". Once a month I meet up with a group of local illustrators for lunch. We chat about the industry, inspiration, ask questions, network. I really look forward to it. Gets me out of my studio (and my head) and I get to talk with people who are in the same boat as me. And seven of us are having a group show appropriately named "Lunch". My series is turning into more of a lunchtime tea idea. We'll see how it goes.

If you're local and would like a mailer about the show, just email me your address and I'll shoot one off to you.

I also moved my studio this weekend. Instead of being in a main room of our house (the dining room) that you can't help but walk through a lot, I moved to the spare bedroom at the back of the house. It's more secluded and has a door, which I hope will help me be able to shut down work more. I won't be walking through my studio and constantly thinking of what needs to be done. :) It's not as pretty, but I've found that I don't really care about having a pretty studio. I need it to be really functional and utilitarian, especially if I'm splashing paint about. (Plus, now I don't feel pressure to keep it clean because no one will be in here but me. Yay!)