The Corners of your Mouth

So I really think my mom is buddha. She is always pleasant. Never gets upset. Takes things in stride. And is generally a peaceful person. (Pisses me off, really...I'm so not that way.) My mom also is always smiling. Even her resting face is a small smile. (My resting face is not that pleasant. I kinda look mad if I'm just being still.)

One day I asked her about this: "Mom, how it is that you look happy even if you are just driving down the road?"

You know what she said?

She said it was all about the corners of her mouth. She worked at appearing pleasant because her natural resting face was mad too. She decided that she would make a point to turn up the corners of her mouth just a little to see what happened...Not a full smile, just a more pleasant face. And it just kind of stuck. Now it's natural for her. And there's an added benefit: it actually improves your mood to do this... No kidding.

Just today I was running a zillion errands and was none too happy about it (It was cold and my car doesn't have heat). And I thought of this story and decided to try it. I turned the corners of my mouth up and just waited. And soon I was humming to the radio and not really minding the cold, gray rain anymore.


Now I have to try to do this on a more regular basis.

Peace and I come!