I don't know if you can see much in this picture...but that's me in a recording booth (click for bigger view). Yesterday I was voice talent for an animated TV spot. I was recruited after the normal voice talent called in with the flu. Colin wrote the spot for one of his clients and was in a pinch, so he asked me to do it. And boy, was I nervous. On the ride over to the recording studio, I had big butterflies in my stomach. I practiced my lines and was feeling very embarrassed. I mean...who likes the sound of their own voice?

When we got to the studio I went into the sound-proof booth and put on the headphones. They asked me to warm up so they could adjust the levels. So I spoke a few words into the microphone and laughed. And suddenly all my butterflies went away. This was fun! I felt like I was in one of those extras on DVDs...you know...the "making of" parts where you see the movie star talking into the mic for the animated character.

I said my lines a million times to make sure we got a good take and I was done. (I wanted to do more!) I don't know yet if they're going to use it, but I don't care, really. I was just happy I did something that was outside my comfort zone. I was scared and did it anyway.


p.s. I'm now on the Scott Hull website. Sweet! (clear your cache if you can't see my name...)