My new year is starting off with a bang. Late last week I was hired to do a Gigantic job (with a capital G!). My sketches were all approved yesterday and now I have seven large paintings due on Thursday... That's tomorrow. Gulp! Only one has a finished background though...so that's a relief. So I've been painting like a madperson. I have all seven in the works. Three drying under fans while I work on the others. Paint brushes flying. Paint splattering on my studio floor. My panicked expression... But I'm getting through them. And I'm liking the results. It's fun! But I keep having scary daydreams of the art director receiving the fedex package, opening it and not liking them. So I'm really nervous to hear back. I hope they love them and think I did a good job. Double gulp. I hope me liking them equals them liking them. Keep your finners crossed for me! (Yes, finners...)

One more tidbit of good news: I got word that I've been selected for my very own solo show in August of this year. Yay! Solo!