Transformation...The first thing that I'm tackling with this transformation is my physical health. Since becoming self-employed my health has taken a back seat. I let my work dictate my time. I've felt guilty for not spending 8 (at least) hours in the studio each day. And that's not really a good thing. It's not a healthy way to live.

So, to tackle my health, I first started looking at the way I felt. I was eating a lot of sugary and processed foods (they are the easiest to come by... just open the bag of chips!). And it was making me sick. Literally. I would feel nauseous and have to eat IMMEDIATELY. Then shortly after eating I'd get dizzy. My blood sugar was all over the place and so was my energy. Lift and crash. Lift and crash. My doctor called it hypoglycemia. My friend Melanie said there was something I could do about it. Melanie is a diabetic and has had to alter her eating and exercise, too. And she told me about the south beach diet.

At first I was a little suspicious. I don't diet. In fact, the word 'diet' freaks me out. I have heard horror stories about yo-yo-ing and feeling bad about yourself when you slip up. And i wanted none of that. But she assured me that it was not like that. It was just a way to alter the way you eat so you feel better.

Reluctantly, I tried it. I bought the books (used on amazon...so cheap!). I studied what was making me sick. And I vowed to change it. I'm on day six now (I think). The first two days were really painful for me. Withdrawals from sugar and caffeine. I felt like I had ants crawling underneath my skin and I was really spaced out. Dropping Colin off at work, I nearly ran a red light because I was just not with it...

Then day three I started to feel good. Not just better. But good! My energy was pretty level. I didn't feel sick or dizzy. It was amazing...and pushed me to go further....

I started to look at physical activity. And I decided that I really missed exercise. And exercise is a good way to reduce stress... and feel balanced (my new year's goal!). So when Colin leaves for work in the morning... before I turn on my computer or pick up a paint brush, I go for a walk. Fast walk... not picking the daisies. And then I come home and do a little yoga and relaxation. Doing it before the work starts has helped me because I don't get distracted. I don't try to fit it in my schedule, and then miss. It's just there. I schedule meetings around it. No excuse. I like that.

So, that's the first part of my transformation. I've been at it for nearly a week and already I feel different. I feel a little calmer and collected. I feel good. I haven't said that in a while.

I think that for me, saying it "out loud" here and to my friends has helped me stick to it. I feel like I have something to prove... and for a competitive person like me, that's fuel.