Illustration Friday: GlamourHere's my interpretation of glamour. Juicy colors, a content smile, and a young-at-heart who is in love.

and a closeup:

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of work I have right now. I'm trying to breathe, walk and face it head on... one thing after another. I feel like I'm at the carnival shooting at those cardboard ducks that keep popping up. I think it's time to write some things that are making me smile...

- lunch with two fabulous and inspiring women yesterday. Telling them all about my transformations and them being happy for me. - the sunshine (blessed sunshine!) finally came out today for a while. I'm going to bundle up for walk to soak it in! - a mixed cd that my true blue friend sent me. - feeling more free with my last couple of paintings. - seeing the old woman above materialize onto my sketchbook. - laughing with my husband. - skirts! - next week (I'm taking it off to celebrate my mom's 50th bday with her!) - my show on friday - my pink woobie