I take assessment of all the things I've done lately. Not for work, but for me. Building me from scratch it seems. And I'm liking where I am so far. I've changed what I put into my body... good foods... foods that help and don't hurt. I've begun walking and practicing yoga every morning. I love yoga so far (I'm just a beginner) but I love the way it makes me feel... stretchy like a cat after a catnap. I've reintroduced clothes that show my personality... new boots, new skirt. Pulled out the good stuff from the back of my closet, and shoved to the back my workout pants and over sized tees. I've started taking down time to breathe. Meditating. I've even dyed my hair. Starting over. And over again. Feeling so much better. So healthy and a little bit more whole. Happy. I wonder why I ever waited so long to take care of myself. It's so rewarding.

I am going to visit my grandparents this week. And my siblings and I are flying my mom out as well to celebrate her 50th birthday. I am looking forward to being in the sun... bugging my mom about what she's reading. Telling my brother to get in the water first. Asking my husband if he'd like more sunscreen. I find myself smiling as I'm writing this. Because I'm not taking any work. No email. No phone. No computer. I'm going solo. Just me, a bathing suit, a book and some good company.

many blessings to you this week...