Still in the gloaming of vacation. That time when you can still grab onto the feeling of letting go and total relaxation, but you know that it's not for much longer. There's got to be a way to hang onto it.

I didn't realize how badly I needed this vacation. I could almost feel the flecks of Indiana's gray sky peeling off my shoulders. Lots of sitting and reading...almost constant reading. And cross word puzzles. (I love crosswords and stink at them!) Belly laughs brought on by my hilarious sister-in-law, enlightening conversations with my brother, seeing the ocean reflected in my husband's blue eyes, listening to stories of my sister's life, admiring my mom's outlook again and again... It was downright blissful.

I brought home a clear bag full of shells. Mostly broken ones, their architecture sacrificed because of the waves or the undersides of walkers' shoes...but still so beautiful. Grayed with hints of pink and orange. As I was arranging them on my mantle a pile of sand spilled out of one and fell to the floor. I haven't bothered to sweep it up yet. My own private beach.

Hold on... hold on...

* * * More wonderful pieces of advice have been added. Due date is Feb 17th!