Been in kind of a funk lately. A weird headspace... you know how sometimes you just feel scared and blue for really no reason. Nothing exterior has changed, but there is this sense of hopelessness inside. I was moping around trying everything I knew to get over it: talking about it with a friend, chai tea, incense burning, a chocolate bar, crying, napping, yoga... And nothing was really working. I went for a walk and decided to meditate for 15 minutes. The whole time I felt like I was going to vomit, and I could not concentrate. My thoughts kept wandering and wandering. So with 35 seconds left to go, I gave up and decided to take a shower.

I felt the water pour down on me, warming me up a little and I looked up at an empty bottle of conditioner sitting on top the shower door (feeling guilty because apparently I was too lazy to throw it in the trash last time).

Anyway, I looked up and noticed a word on the bottom of the bottle: H O P E. I picked it up to make sure I was reading it right.

I was. It did say H O P E.

And I thought to myself: what are the chances? How wonderful it is to know that the universe (the universe or God or the forces that be...whatever you personally call it) sometimes reaches out and gives you what you need at the right moment. A simple little reminder to hang on and just keep going.

It didn't bring me out completely, but at least there was a smile. I glimmer. And I'm very grateful for that.