That's me being goofball jones.... Oh how I wish I could bottle that feeling (joy, playfulness, confidence, silliness!) and drink it down when I need it... for instance: I'd take a giant gulp next Thursday when I am scheduled to give a speech to 100+ college students and their professors for their Art Career Symposium. I am talking about my career, my art, my life, my experience. A subject I know well, so I don't think it will be all that hard (that is what I am telling myself at least)... but I have never spoken in front of that many people. What if I barf?!

Today I am working on my outline and putting together an internet presentation for them. Maybe I'll let the images do most of the talking. :)

I think this is a good thing for me though because I've been facing a lot of my fears lately. I feared backflips until I did one. And I feared the telephone, until I had to give an interview via phone. It was nerve wracking for about 5 minutes, until I settled in and just spoke from my heart.

I am trying to look at my fear directly in the face... eye to eye... nose to nose... heart beating loudly in my ears....

and just smile. pass through. (and maybe kick it in the shins while his back is turned!)