What's Up Show news: I have a show opening March 4th at the really really cool Pr1mary Space Gallery in Detroit. It's a three person show and I have 8 pieces in it. I hope if you live near Detroit that you'll go and be a spy for me! Should be fun!

Site news: I plan to reopen LopiePop in March. Thank you to everyone who's been asking me about it. Y'all make a girl feel loved. :) I'm excited to reopen, but haven't had much time to work on the update yet... soon! There will be some additions, too. I just picked up the posters from the printer last week. Posters!

Other news: I am head over heels for The Weepies. If you don't have them, you simply must. They are ridiculously wonderful.


My speech presentation is going well so far. I'm excited to share it. I am also working on an on-line presentation to show you after my speech... with some of the work I did as an art director and some other cool stuff. My story in a little online nutshell. :)

Peace out, lovelies.