This week has just flown by. My old agency hired me to work on a campaign and it's just consumed me. Today is my first day back in the studio... So my apologies for the lack of updates. It was really nice to be back with all my old pals. Thinking out loud together in concepting sessions. Getting immediate feedback on designs and ideas. I miss that. I think it pushes you hard to make things better. In fact, it makes me wonder if I'm pushing my work hard enough by myself. I dunno. I try to. I get feedback from my critique group and my husband. I wonder if I can do more...

I have noticed something that helps me a little though: it's having enough time to be able to sketch out the idea and then leave it. Walk away from it for at least a day, giving it time to sink into your brain. I think ideas get turned around in there, building on themselves and developing, even if you're not actively thinking about it. After some time, come back and see how you feel about it... Many times I notice things hadn't seen before...something I'd like to tweak or add. Another layer or element that would improve it. Or maybe the idea didn't hold up at all and by then I've thought of something new that would work even better.

This all depends on how much you procrastinate, though. :)

Have a good weekend, all.