Recently my brother wrote this: * * * * * * * The Life-Onion I got the prototype Penny-Message in my voicemail a few days back. Here's how it went:

T, I've got two meetings today, and all my deadlines are Wednesday. I feel like my life is unraveling before me. Call me back."

I thought exactly, our lives are peeling back one day at a time. That's the way it is. I am always working towards something. That's nature right? But what I need to keep myself from doing is expecting to live later. I need to recognize that today is Day Month, Year in the one life I have.

What do we do with the days we're given? Sit in front of this computer screen, perusing around the net in a familiar state of boredom? Sit even more in front of a TV? Or from the other end of the spectrum, do we work our fingers to the bone? Spend days 'getting somewhere?' Now I am thinking it doesn't matter. REALLY. It doesn't. Here's what I think matters:

Letting your shoulders relax while you're doing whatever you're doing. Stop holding your forehead muscles tight. Breathe a little more deeply. Be here now. Don't be next week or last year. I for-real just caught myself with tense shoulders.

Follow along if you'd like or quit reading now, but here are more thoughts:

Which memories are your most prominent? I have memories of days spent on the water. I have memories of car-wrecks and 10k's. I have memories of getting my butt chewed at boot camp (Officer's Candidate School). I have a prominent memory of proposing to A. I have good memories of camping and lighting fireworks. I have memories of traveling with friends.

I do not remember all the TV shows I've seen. I do remember going to drive-in movies. I do not remember writing a lot of these posts, but I can remember writing poetry and lyrics in New Orleans. I do not recall the details of each project I've completed on the house, but I sure remember having a beer and being happy each was done. The memories I remember are ones where I was there. Not thinking about next week. Not thinking about old wounds.

Okay, now my thoughts are going too fast to keep in a logical sequence. Signing off, T.

* * * * * * *

I have nothing more to add. I just wanted to share that...