(2'x4', mixed media on wood panel) Yesterday I cleaned my studio. It was much needed, as you know. I couldn't walk around or see the floor at all. Books everywhere. Print outs. Bags from Archivers (love Archivers, but I am always completely overwhelmed in there... last time I went I walked out with one sheet of green paper and a glue stick. hee). Paints. Sticks of charcoal. Well, it was a mess.

I picked up and put things back in their places and that green background just kept staring at me. Green green green. Why all the green around me lately?

Well, I ignored the green and went out for sushi with my sister-in-law and her beau.

When I came home I saw the green differently and it needed to be finished RIGHT THEN. So I apologized to Colin for being absent for the next few hours, and I holed up in my studio and just painted away.

The painting above is what happened. (click on it for a larger view)

Here's a closeup:

I haven't thought of a title yet. Any suggestions?

* * * * Added note: Thank you for all the feedback, friends! I appreciate all the name suggestions!